Slip and Fall Injuries

Unfortunately, many individuals fail to file a claim for slip and fall accidents because they blame themselves. Slipping and falling to the floor can be a source of great embarrassment for some, and many people jump to the false conclusion that the fall was caused by their own clumsiness. Instead of pursuing the claim to its fullest extent, many slip and fall accident victims settle for what the insurance company’s initially offer.

Slip and Fall Injuries

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Slip & Fall Lawyer Coeur d’Alene, ID

Second only to car crashes, slip and fall accidents are the second most common form of personal injury accidents in the United States. Slip and fall accidents could result in both short-term medical needs as well as long term medical care, including rehabilitation. Additionally, slip and fall injuries could lead to lasting disabilities and result in a net loss of income. The Sargent Firm has represented countless clients in their slip and fall accident claims, winning our clients the compensation they deserve and are entitled to under the laws of the State of Idaho.

Slip and Fall Accident | Personal Injury Law | Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Personal Injury Legal Representation in Coeur d’Alene and Beyond for Slips and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Lawyer
Slip and Fall Lawyer

The unfortunate truth is that most insurance companies attempt to take advantage of victims when they are in vulnerable positions in order to boost their bottom line. By pressuring a victim to accept a low offer, insurance companies maintain their profit margins. Understand that injuries you suffered as a result of a slip or a fall are not your fault.

Slip and fall claims are considered part of premises liability. Property owners and property managers have an obligation to keep their property safe of dangers. This applies to stores, malls, restaurants, hotels, and all other businesses that routinely have customers visiting. If you or a loved one fell on a sidewalk or stairs, while walking in a store or restaurant, or in any other circumstance where you were visiting a business, office, or private property, the property owner was ultimately responsible for your safety. Slip and fall accidents can also occur on the job, at a construction site or other workplace.

Why Contact a Coeur d’Alene Slip and Fall Attorney?

It is very difficult to accurately predict how much the financial burden will be after a slip and fall accident. An injury that may appear resolved can reappear or even result in a lasting, chronic disability. Medical expenses, loss of future income, and renovations to accommodate a new disability all must be considered to calculate the overall cost of an accident. The emotional harm an accident can put on a family is another consideration. If the accident was not your fault, you should not suffer the ensuing financial burdens. The party liable must compensate you for all losses. Filing a Coeur d’Alene, Idaho slip and fall lawsuit has two main goals: First, to get the compensation you deserve and are legally entitled to for your suffering, expenses, and losses; and second, to mandate that the property owner changes or fixes the underlying cause of the slip and fall accident. By filing a lawsuit, you take charge of your own circumstances and you may also stop others from having a similar experience at the same location. If you have suffered a slip and fall accident, it is best to hold the liable party accountable. You are helping yourself and others. The Sargent Firm is ready and willing to help you seek justice. Our proven track record shows we have the experience, knowledge, and drive to get our clients maximum compensation for their injuries. Contact our Coeur d’Alene, Idaho office today to begin developing your customized legal battle plan.

Lawyers Handling Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Slip and Fall Injury Claims Help Families

The Sargent Firm offers complimentary consultations to individuals and their family members who have suffered injuries due to a slip and fall accident. Coeur d’Alene property owners and employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of physical environments, and when someone is harmed as a result of property maintenance negligence, they deserve compensation from the liable party. Knowledgeable Coeur d’Alene slip and fall attorneys can help a family or individual predict expenses and lost income from the accident, ensuring they get an appropriate settlement that will remedy their losses. Insurance companies have an incentive to pay as little as possible in injury settlements, taking advantage of the vulnerability of a victim’s situation; they care only about their bottom line. We at The Sargent Firm in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho believe that anyone harmed as a result of a slip and fall accident deserves full and appropriate compensation. Every single one of our Coeur d’Alene slip and fall attorney consultations are completely confidential, free of charge, and without any future obligation. Coeur d’Alene slip and fall injury lawsuits are dealt with on a contingency basis, meaning it is without any up-front costs and we only receive compensation if you do. We have the incentive to fight for you tirelessly. We will persist until you have gotten the compensation you deserve. As experts in Idaho law, the attorneys at The Sargent Firm will stand up to the insurance companies and ensure they do not take advantage of you. They care about their bottom line; we care about the best interests of our clients.

Here at The Sargent Firm, we are very proud of our record. We are more than happy to provide you with references from our many satisfied clients upon request. Like numerous others before you, we are confident that you will be impressed. Once you have decided to hire The Sargent Firm, we will give you individualized attention, custom fitting our legal strategy to best fit your particular, unique situation. Our individualized approach is a winning one.

Contact a Coeur d’Alene slip and fall attorney from The Sargent Firm as soon as possible after the injury accident to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation you are legally entitled to. Our expert lawyers never cut corners and always get results. You can count on The Sargent Firm.

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