What To Do After An Accident in Idaho

Your Immediate Concerns After An Accident in Idaho

Knowing what to do after an accident means knowing what to do at the scene, in the hours that follow, and in the weeks and months to come. Taking the right steps is crucial to your health as well as securing the compensation you deserve. Read on to learn more about what you should do. Then, call Ryan Sargent of the Sargent Law Firm in Kootenai County, Idaho at 208-600-6000 to get started. Remember, Idaho allows for just a three-year statute of limitations within which you must make your injury claim.

Move to safety and assess injuries. Immediately following the accident itself, the main concern is the welfare and safety of all persons involved. In the case of a roadway incident, those involved need to move out of the way of oncoming traffic as soon as possible. Then, someone needs to call 911 right away, even if injuries seem trivial or absent. In some instances, the adrenaline rush that follows a sudden impact can hide the presence of injury. Because of this, it is vital to submit to a medical assessment as quickly as possible following the accident, as some injuries can be severe or even life threatening.

There are a many other post-accident steps to follow (described below), assuming that all involved parties are not in immediate medical danger, many of which help retain evidence and shelter the victims in the event an injury claim is forthcoming.

The Minutes and Hours After An Accident

It is important to gather as much information about the incident as possible, in the minutes and hours immediately following an incident. All incident participants and witnesses should make a detailed statement about what happened immediately prior to the collision soon after the police arrive on the scene. From there, it is important to take the following steps:

  • Exchange contact and insurance information with all individuals involved in the crash.
  • Take photographs of the scene, documenting every angle of the vehicle and surrounding debris.
  • Make note of the weather conditions, time of day, and any nearby hazards that may have contributed to the incident.
  • Refrain from making any statements about who may be responsible for the collision.

From there, it will be necessary to make arrangements for any damaged property to be removed from the scene, with which the police may be able to assist. Those involved in the crash should also arrange to speak with their insurance provider about the incident, as well as arrange for an assessment of property damage and bodily injuries.

Days, Weeks and Months Following the Crash

File your insurance claim. Consider the possibility of a personal injury action against the individual or individuals responsible for the collision in the days, weeks and months following the crash. Speak with Idaho personal injury lawyer Ryan Sargent, particularly if an insurance company is pressuring you to settle as soon as possible. A personal injury lawsuit can produce highly-desirable outcomes for injured victims, especially if the incident resulted in serious bodily injury or permanent disability.

Stay organized. As you collect medical bills, receipts, repair estimates, and other evidence of your damages, file them away in a dedicated folder. Also start a pain journal where you document the effects of the incident and your resultant injuries on your life. This will help us build your case and thoroughly prove your damages.

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